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How to Consume Generic Priligy Medicine

September 24, 2015 Author: admin

пThe oral therapy for the treatment of premature ejaculation – Generic Priligy is one medicine known for its great work around the globe. This medicine was created as an agent to treat depressive states, still its short time of action and sexual side effects persuaded experts to use it for the treatment of early ejaculation in men.

To avoid the problem of quick and early climaxing one can buy generic Priligy online or in local pharmacy. This medicine significantly increases the time between penetration and ejaculation in men and assists them in extension of the time of actual sexual act.п1

An inability to delay the climax may spoil sexual life of both partners leaving them dissatisfied and frustrated. So, the treatment of this sexual condition should be timely and regular.

Some men may be more prone to the actions of Priligy, so they need a doctor’s consultation and advice before use. Still, most of men can safely use Priligy without prescription.

п2Generic Priligy contains the substance called Dapoxetine, a short-acting treatment relieving men of the PE issues. It crucially changes the situation with uncontrollable ejaculation and in the essence enhances the phase of sexual act and thereby its quality.

Males getting generic Priligy generally get better control over their ejaculation and report the important time- period added to their individual time of ejaculation.

With generic Priligy early orgasms are delayed, sexual partners are completely satisfied. But what about the negative effects related to Priligy use. With the regard to numerous studies conducted to test this medicine, Dapoxetine rarely causes any side effects, it does not interact with the majority of the most-commonly used drug combinations. So, its safety as a short –term treatment is fully confirmed.

The application of generic Priligy is very convenient. You should use it by mouth 1-3 hours before having sex. One dose of this pill is recommended for most patients. The dose of 60 mg will work in your body for 4 to 6 hour.

It is suggested that the medicine should be taken with water, food intake does not affect the medicine.
The pill of generic Priligy should be swallowed as a whole without crushing or chewing it.

This medicine is indicated for use by only adult males. Children should not have access to it.

Males suffering from other health conditions and diseases should first consult a doctor. If you have renal or hepatic disorder, heart disease, do not use generic Priligy without a doctor’s consultation.
Dapoxetine may have a slight effect on your ability to operate machinery or drive. If you notice that you are drowsy or your feel dizzy after taking Dapoxetine, do not drive or perform a control of any machine.


Generic Priligy dosage information

December 2, 2013 Author: admin

priligyGeneric Priligy is a first choice medication for males who experience any problems with ejaculation control. This is the effective remedy to stop premature ejaculation disorder.
The main component Dapoxetine lowers the nervousness and anxiety a man may feel before sexual intercourse. Generic Priligy helps men in improving the period of sexual activity. Being an antidepressant, Dapoxetine should be used only in the doses recommended for therapeutic effect. Larger doses of this medication will not provide any beneficial effect, so use only the dose which your doctor advises for you.
Generic Priligy is available in the doses of 30, 60 and 100 mg of Dapoxetine. The dose should be taken 60 minutes before sex. As this medication is fast acting, its effect a man can notice within the following 4-6 hours post dose.
It is desirable to start with the lowest effective dosage. Most men can try 30 mg of Priligy first. If necessary the dose can be increased. According to the results of the clinical trials the effect of this medication increases with duration of intake.


Priligy reviews

November 7, 2013 Author: admin



I was prescribed by the doctor to take Prigily in order to
overcome premature ejaculation. The prescribed dose was 60 mg. But it seems to
be too much for me, I need quite a long time to ejaculate, it is not what I
wanted. So I tried with 30 mg dose and it was perfect. As I don’t need to take
this medication too often, I decrease my dose up to 15 mg. Having made some
experiments you can find out your own dose that will help you to come to the
best results.


Priligy in the Internet

October 1, 2013 Author: admin

imagesCAJEXFRDIn our time many people do their buying online. In the Internet there are many drugstore, but before buy Priligy or other drug online, the patient should consult his doctor or urologist. You should not use Priligy if you have an allergic reaction to components of the drug, such as lactose or other, if you have severe liver disease, such as cirrhosis or other, arrhythmia or heart failure.

This drug is available in coated tablets(60 mg of Dapoxetine) for oral use. Don’t drink alcohol during treatment, because you can have side effects.

P.s.: Priligy is not intended for use in women.


My opinion about Priligy

May 21, 2013 Author: admin

My husband tried his first Priligy 60mg after he having a heavy tea and meal . This drug was helping him with PE, he did a great job. But he had headache.
He was able to last until I came and then he ejaculated easily.
The second time he took Priligy 30 mg and there were no side effects.
His performance was almost as excellent as the first time.